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Ø I don’t know why but one fine day it happened for me to mumble a song from a Rajnikanth movie Raja Chinna Roja. Starting like this, I am not going to write a lavish praise for the beauty of the song or enchanting and soul fulfilling picturisation of the it as both are absolutely mediocre. But accidentally a couple of seemingly innocuous lines from this song provoked me to think half a day on the subject of life.

Ø Let me explain, Rajnikanth would take a gang of kids to a forest where a notorious kid would set a monkey’s tail on fire. The monkey would jump from tree to tree to spread the fire across the entire jungle. An elephant for whom, the same kids helped early, would clear the fire carrying water in his tusk to retrieve them safely. Now the song goes like this, ‘Nanmai ondru seitherkal, nanmail vilaindhathu. Theemai ondru seitheerkal, theemai vilainthathu. Theemai seivathai vittu vittu nanmai sevathai thodarungal. (Translation for those who don’t know Tamil: You did some thing good, and you got good result. You did something bad and you got bad result. So stop doing bad and continue doing good).

Ø Does virtues play a hand in success. Almost every being in this universe looks for money and power and attaining that is celebrated as success. Is this money and power goes only to those people who practice virtues or does it help them any way in achieving this? It is a very easy question for which the answer would be a big NO. we can see ‘n’ number of criminal politicians and corrupt officials not only lead normal life but also extremely successful. I asked my self several times if these virtues and good manners exist only for the use of fairy tales.

Ø If we clearly observe, we can see that life tries to give us a message at every stage that it takes us through. Its up to us to grab it to move to next level. Only those messages will take us near the happy state of mind that we are striving subconsciously. I don’t think we are searching for money or power. We are behind the happiness that comes out of money and power. Its only the virtues that helps us to see beyond our temporary objectives to uncover the messages. Lack of it would get us struck in the same level. Normally people tend to get stuck in money level.

Ø I believe life is a journey with an objective of finding the destination. We are supposed to collect clues in the way to find and reach the destination. In the way, we got to play lot of games to acquire the clues. If we forget that we are here to acquire the clues and play the game for other rewards, we would loose our journey.

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kanagu said…
Well written mate... I love that song much...
virtues play a part only in puranas and fairy tales and not in real life :(
Bharathi said…
@ Kanagu: Thanks pal.

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