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"it’s a book away from the league"

That’s how we can describe "the ladies oracle" in the shortest possible sentence. Authored by heinrich cornelius agrippa,"an infallible prophet of the male sex",contemprory of nostradamus,a personal astrologer to emperor Charles V in 1500s,the book unfolds beautifully the answers to many questions which often trouble the maiden minds or hearts of those who are on the road to find love. “Nothing is more easy or simple,"agrippa tells us. The book answers questions like"shalli marry young?"Or "the man that I love is he faithful to me?"the ladies oracle never fails you or your expectations for an accurate answer.

since its a book on charms and spells, the days like January 1,2,3,4,10,20,22,february 6,17,28,march 24,26,april 10,27,28,may 7,8.june 27,july 17,21,august 20,22,sept5,30,october6,november 3, 29,,december6,10,15 are unlucky to work out the oracle. Also it’s not well to try the same question twice in the same day. The end of the book consists of some charms and ceremonies by which one can either see a future partner or can compel ones lover to meet him or her as soon as possible. The charms, no matter how un-believable they might appear make an extremely entertaining read.

And whether it be “you will marry the one that often makes you sigh "or "yes he loves you with sincerity”, your journey with the book is going to be not only memorable but also a delightful one.

- Ankeita Bharadwaj.


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