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Blogger Interview # 2 Pankhuri Aggarwal

ast week, blogger Netika told us about her distaste of dark blogs and this week we are going to talk about one such blog, that has turned dark, recently. So, today once again from New Delhi (Yeah, the city does have some amazing bunch of bloggers), we have Pankhuri Aggarwal, answering our questions, with a lot of bias towards (I had to say that).
Actualy, her amazing work on creativity explored, is appreciated quite well with the word of mouth publicity doing everything for it.

Here are her answers to our questions. Read on:

1) Tell us, generally, what kind of role does aesthetics play in blogging. Does the presentation of a blog matter a lot?
Yes,why not. I think aeshetics and content both play an equal and a very important role in blogging. A person might prefer to read a blog whos well presented rather than the one which is not done so whole-heartedly or say enthusiastically. Plus I always believe that presentation comes first, because it enhances the contents, appeals the reader and it is surely one of the best ways in which someone can express himself/herself.

2) Your favorites :
Lithium(Shruti), My musings(Tushar)
blogger: Tushar, Deluded, Shruti
blogging platform (blogger/wordpress/etc) blogger

3) Does the idea of making a book out of your blog appeals you?
The ideal appeals till the time their might be people willing to read me...or say my book. I honestly would love to even cater one reader with my book who atleast makes an effort to understand my feelings and gets successful in doing so. Because at the end what matters is the connection in between the two. If you cant see anything from the writer's eyes, and not relate with him at every word; theres no point in making a castle of sand near the high and strong wavy area. One day it will not only break but also will let down many's expectations.
4) Some words for our blog buddies and visitors
I guess joining with orangy was one of the very rare oppurtunities which came through my way.Its seems great to work together with such potentious writers, whereby you not only learn something new at every step, but also make new long lasting friends :-))
I would encourage you to join Orangy, it has many many sub domains...whos number is also likely to rise up immensely in the future, thereby letting one work for the cause he/she likes the most :-))

5) Some words about your blog/ blogs.
My blog Creativity Explored owes it origin to someone special who encouraged me at the right step to scatter my views, my thoughts, my feelings in this blogger world. Thats why I always follow the policy of having a mentor standing right next to you, every time you take a decision, every time you are in a problem, every time you are happy and any time when you are sad :-)) You never know...where this mentor might fly you one day :-))
My blog contains say aproximately 25% of my feelings, thoughts etc; the rest being there in my heart :-)) The reason it is 25% is that the other 75% will come by the reader's connection I just talked about :-)) He relating up with my text(say 25%), his input in my posts in terms of his ideas, solutions etc(25% again), his level understanding me and peeping in my heart for the rest of the thoughts(another 25%)
Ho gaya na 100 :-))

6) Blogging as a medium is often used for venting out ire, grudges, narration of love and heart breaks and sad romantic tales. comment.
Yes, very much true. Mainly a person blogs about those things which are either in his/her heart sponged somewhere or he wishes to convey a message to millions/someone special. Since we all are brought up at a place where its kinda tough to convey your feelings,thoughts,ideas to many directly; its then that, blogging for such reasons comes into play.And of course all these topics which you talked about play an important role in a person's life (be it old or young)..people are bound to use blogging for this only :-)) And I see no harm in this :-))
Infact its much much better than writing a personal diary, because here in blogging many more people try reading you :-)) rather than you being shut in the nut shell :-))
So endlessly blog !!!
and roll on!!!!

7) Your definition of blogging would be:
Blogging can be described in many ways...for me blogging is life..a life which is filled with wonderful hues and emotions which reflect time to time phrases in ones life. I have gained so much from blogging that its kinda tough to write I guess Im already sounding over philosphical in my talks :D :D trust me Im not like this :D so I am just trying to shut me mouth wherever possible :D :D

8) Are you part of any group blog? Tell us about your opinion on group blogs:
Yes..Jagruti is one of well known group blogs concerning social issues which gave me an oppurtunity to show my concerns for the same as well :-)) Which is though now added under the branch of orangy..but can be surely grouped under the category of group blogs :-))
Ummm...Orangy is another :-)) Yes, it is a group blog too :-))
The idea of group blog appeals to me anyday :-)) thats because as I had earlier pointed does not only get to learn new things but also gets an explosure in life which anyday will help him/her in his/her future. Plus one gets long lasting friends of course :-))

9) Something which you always wanted to do/write on your blog and never did or wish to do on a later date
I always wanted to write my deep feelings for many people in the past and in the recent past and in the present as well..but it just never happened..the reason to this was some of the readers which belonged to my routine life as well..and it wouldnt have had gelled with them...there are somethings that should remain in the heart only :-))
Plus many more posts of mine are just kept in the drafts folder because me being very moody if sits to write something in a certain mood...sometime something such happens which turns my mood the other way and then that post just remains the way is was..

10) Every blogger has his/her story, what is yours?
Ummmmm..My story can be placed as follows :
" An unknown girl looking for her unknown destiny with her small little unknown efforts along with the help of her unknown friends and well-wishers...and of course this unknown suspicious story has appealed many unknown readers till date :D :D and is likely to do much better in the future :-)))"

Phewww!!! Long but interesting and candid answers here. Next week, same place, we going to bring in blogger Shruti Singh here for a candid interview. Stay tuned and keep commenting.


яノςんム said…
dont I always say tht Pakhuri is older than her real age?? :) tricky answers :)
Shruti said…
Uhun... very sharp answers.. nice nice!

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