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Blogger Interview # 5 Karthik

Words can not be found to describe fame and popularity, Contorted Reality has gained in a very short span of time. Karthik, the wizard of words and creator and writer of this blog, answered a few questions for us recently and here I present them before you.

Tell our readers a bit about yourself:

Affable. Amiable. Candid. Egotist. Gamer. Internet-addict. English language enthusiast. Poetic. Polyglot. Realist. Urbane.

Your favorites:

blog/blogger - I do not blogroll/follow people for the heck of it... That should suffice. There is something unique about each blog on my blogroll. Gotta visit to find out. :)

blogging platform (blogger/wordpress/etc) - Impressed by Wordpress' premium offers, but will be forever tilted towards Blogger (its "choking" notwithstanding...); a Google devotee, after all!

Your definition of blogging would be:

A portal... That takes you in to the mind of the person behind those words.

"Blogging as a social medium." Your thoughts on this:

Oh yes, blogging ranks right up there with the top social networking websites. After all, it is only too human to feel like interacting with a fellow blogger; someone who has caught your attention with his/her writing. Of course, one has to accept the other's privacy if he/she isn't willing to connect in any other social network. Blogger/Wordpress seems to suffice, anyway!

Some words about your blog/blogs:

The exultant one indites... Is *Reality* an *Illusion*..? Is *Illusion* a *Reality*..? I dare say - *Contorted Reality*. And *Twisted Illusions*. Literature-style narration, emotive poetry, pragmatic opinions and philosophy for them philistines!

Your views on dead/ghost blogs revolving in the blogosphere:

Their presence is SO irritating when you cannot have a domain name of your choice, just because the blog having the domain name you wanted is long dead. (Speaking from experience, here!) But I guess there are other good ones - which have something worth reading; be it poetry, an opinion, etc. It does come as a pleasant surprise when you stumble across one...

The most defining moment of your blogging life:

One of my poems on child abuse/pornography drew quite a good response. More importantly, people came forward and shared their work on the same subject. I am not sure if this classifies as "defining", but yes, it did give me the satisfaction of having reached out...

If anyone reading this wishes to share their composition, feel free to drop a link .

How much time has it been for you in the blog world :

Been a little over two years now. But it has to be mentioned that my first year-and-half in blogsville was more of a personal affair (a private blog @ Opera).

"Blogging as a medium is often used for venting out ire, grudges, narration of love and heart breaks and sad romantic tales." Comment:

I have always believed that speaking out something is the best way to rid the heaviness within. And when one doesn't have a confidant close by, what better way than writing it all out..? (Publishing the same is up to the person, though.) And for all you know, sometimes, even talking it out doesn't help!

Lastly, some words for our readers and the blogging community:

Thank you, Tushar - you have shown a lot of patience in waiting for my response! Well, what can I say..?

We have one Earth. Make it "ours".

Peace. Take care. Stay blessed.

A wizard of words, I am sure you all shall agree.

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Netika Lumb said…
*We have one earth. Make it "ours"*
Beautiful line and a nice interview..
Kartz said…
Thank you, Netika.

And thank you once again, Tushar. Humbled.

Peace. Be well.

Sorry for this rather extended and irritating hiatus. I salute those folks who still manage to blog whilst working.

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