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today before applying for a job, a seat in an educational institution, membership of a house or a chair of responsibility almost everywhere in the world we are expected to pass a litmus test to determine which side of the great divide we fall on-a black? Or a white?

Recent headlines such as



Prove beyond the extent of any doubt that the global human family is presently facing "racist intimidation”. And it’s not just the recent times where we find traces of such dogmatism. Perhaps even sir Edward VII (1841-1910) were deeply agonized by this detriment when he said-

"Because a man has a black face and a different religion from our own, there is no reason why he should be treated as a brute."

Thus when we don’t care to deal positively or take fruitful steps to curb racism, only serves as a negative stereotype which is eventually transferred from generation to generation...and thus, the process of growth of racist feelings never cease to exist.

Unfamiliarity to a particular race accounts for yet another reason for the presence and growth of racial intimidation. People fear what they do not know or understand. Human psychology tends to treat strange people or objects as a negative presage to their being. This creates hostile or combative feelings.

The fear of intrusion of the others race in one’s own race also tends to give birth to bellicose responsiveness.

apart from taking steps at world level like THE RACE QUESTION and CRITICISM OF THE HOLOCAUST, we should tame ethnic intimidation by acting as responsible citizens of the human soceity.we should teach our young ones that a person is a Caucasoid or a mongoloid only because of their geographical surroundings and that the ethnicity doesn’t decide a person’s worth or credit.

- Ankeita Bharadwaj.


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