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Blogger Interview #7 - Nupur

1) 1) Blogging as a medium is often used for venting out ire, grudges, narration of love and heart breaks and sad romantic tales. comment.
I believe in the aphorism, “To each his own”. Every person has a different reason for writing as to what he/she is writing. So if someone wants to write about their personal lives… it’s their choice… and the readers’ to read or not.

2) How much time has it been for you in the blog world.
I began blogging in late March, 2008…. So it’s been more than a year that I've been a part of the blogosphere.

3) You are into active blogging today ad blogging is said to be a virtual version of a personal diary. Did you ever maintain a personal diary? Tell us something about it and differences between the two:
I never maintained a personal diary…. My life’s always been sort of an open book!! I think a blog ensures a little wider audience than a personal diary… I guess that would be the difference!
4) Your favorites :
blog: Arshat’s TPI, Vinod’s Uncomfortably Numb and Abhinav’s My Dayz With Myself amongst the many I like! blogging platform (blogger/wordpress/etc): Blogger….. because I use it and also because I haven’t tried Wordpress!

5) An ideal blog according to you would be?
According to me an ideal blog should be the one that is light, funny, witty…. In short one that entertains… where it’s ok to read without turning your grey cells on!

6) Every blogger has his/her story, what is yours?
Well, I started blogging because I talk A LOT and my friends were tired of listening to me, hence I choose this route! No, jokes apart, I began blogging just to know what this entire ‘blogging’ phenomenon was! And now, I’m dedicated to my blog, like it’s my own baby!
7) Have you ever thought of using your blogging skills, career wise?
Umm….I'm Writing a story…. A love story, hoping to publish it one day. I got the confidence of publishing my work only because of my blog!
8) Does the idea of making a book out of your blog appeals you?
The idea of making a book definitely appeals to me….. but not out of my blog!
9) Tell us, generally, what kind of role does aesthetics play in blogging. Does the presentation of a blog matter a lot?
Aesthetics plays a huge role in blogging. The look of a blog, the font style, color and size are the primary things that would have a reader want to read your blog or no. Even the language matters a lot. It’s ok to not use words like how PG Wodehouse does, but grammar is really important. I think incorrect grammar puts off readers…even the use of SMS lingo, for that matter! As they say, First impression is the last impression, so make sure your blog appeals to the readers!!
10) Some words for our blog buddies and visitors
Write from your heart…. That’s the key. It will definitely strike a chord with other people. Be yourself, you don’t sound convincing if you’re trying to be someone you’re not. And the most important of all, don’t get conscious of your audience…. The minute you get conscious, the words will stop flowing!! All the best, trust me blogging is both therapeutic and addictive…. So don’t forget to draw your line!


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