Cleaning Of a wooden Surface

Equipment Required – Dusters, toothbrush, mug
Materials – Neutral soap solution, mansion polish, turpentine oil, min cream.

1) Dust the furniture properly.
2) Wipe the furniture with damp cloth soaked in vinegar to remove grease stains.
3) If the surface is too dirty, apply lather of soap with brush.
4) Wipe with damp cloth wrung out in clear water.
5) Dry the surface.
6) If the surface is bleached out in certain places apply double boiled linseed oil.
7) Apply mansion polish in a thin layer in overlapping strokes (mixed with turpentine oil and buff with a dry duster.
8) In case of finished wood like sun mica use min cream along with a little water instead of mansion polish.

1) Clean any stain as soon as possible.
2) Avoid scratching and dragging of wood.
3) Protect tops of table with glass.
4) Do not use too much water on wood as it may up swell.
5) Examine for wood worms and treat accordingly.Best Regards


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