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Options for higher studies in the UK

United Kingdom is still one of the favourites among Indian students craving to pursue higher education abroad. Getting admission at UK universities and institutions require hard work and preparation. Students can go for undergraduate and post graduate courses at different UK universities and institutions. An undergraduate course at UK is an innovative blend of academic and career based study. If you are already a graduate, a post graduate course will provide you the opportunity to specialise your subject and boost your career prospects.

Each course (be it undergraduate or post graduate) has its unique requirements. The requirements vary from institution to institution. However some common factors are absence of application fee and no requirement of GRE, SAT and GMAT score. Along with a good educational background you need a student visa to study at UK universities and institutes. Eligibility is for student visa to UK is calculated using the new UK Visa points-based system. An applicant needs 40 points to apply for a student visa.

Fees vary from institute to institute. The institution you choose and the length and type of course you wish to study are the major factors that decide how much you have to pay. However, if you require financial assistance to pursue your higher studies at UK, there are several scholarships available. You can also engage yourself in a part-time job to support your study.

There are several accommodation facilities available in the UK for foreign students ranging from penthouses to studio flats. All Indian students at UK with course duration of six months or more are covered under UK National Health Services (NHS).


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