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Web Designing and Web Branding

Designing the Web

There are millions of websites on the internet with each unique in its content, designs and appeal. Have you ever wondered who creates them or maintains them? Who designs the lovely website you visit each time? Who fills the content in it? I am sure many such questions are coming to your mind now. So, if you are new to this world of World Wide Web, then let me tell you that there are people like us who posses good skills and expertise, they use their talent to make your web page beautiful.

Surely, web designing is fun and exciting, but there are few important things to take care of when designing a web site. The most important thing to consider is the needs and expectations of a customer for your website. Once you know the requirements of your customer, you can proceed to decide the content for it. The content of your website depends on the user’s preferences. The web designer has to ensure that the web site does not take too much time to load, plus the navigation process must be fast. He has to create a fine balance between the graphics and the content of the web page so that it loads fast and is also rich in the content the user is looking for Using graphics may be a good way to attract the users but this slows down the loading speed, on the other hand a dull and drab content hardly attracts any user. More over, graphics occupy most space and hence the cost of hosting it on the web is high. He has to make sure that the website is compatible to most browsers. JavaScript, HTML, XML, etc are the few languages he has to learn for designing the web

Together with these languages, and his understanding of the users needs, coupled with a dash of creativity and talent a web designer has to make a design for the web site which can make it stand out in the crowd. Finally, the ever competitive market demands that he learns and adapts to the new technology.


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