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YOUTH:-Energetic, exuberant, Bold, brash, confused, demanding

Technically speaking “Youth” is the period between childhood and adulthood
An age where every thing seems possible, where no challenge seems too big, where raw energy makes up for lack of experience.

In earlier times people used to do a lot of manual work due to which they grew older at an early age but now with the advent of modern medicine, good transportation facilities and machines, the life span an individual has grown considerably.
In modern times the word youth can be misleading as there is no particular age limit to capture this exuberance .Political parties recruit people for there youth wing whose ages are between 40 -50 yrs old But generally speaking people with ages varying from 15 -25 are included in youth .

Young people are more energetic and over enthusiastic and the old more balanced and patient but at the same time, may lack the drive to change things. The youth in their enthusiasm overlook some finer details and jeopardize the journey; and the old, being overcautious, miss the bus. It further implies that if only the youth knew more balance and the old, more adventure, great things could be achieved. But this is a utopian dream which might never come true

With the explosion of mass media today’s youth is well informed about all aspects of life
Everything that he desires is just a click away through the internet .Newspapers, television, magazines; journals also provide the much required knowledge. That is probably one of the main reasons why the mass media must adhere to some restraints and censor any material which could harm the tender and impressionable minds
Due to this information explosion the youth of today is better informed than his parents when they were in there youth.

To nurture these youngsters and make them a boon for the country, the governments of the world must provide basic education to every one of its citizens so that they can lead a fruitful and productive life .Good broad based education has the power to eliminate the ills from the society Girls education should be specially emphasized particularly in a society like ours where girls are never considered welcome and boys are the apple of the eye. Youth has the power to change the society because it is not bound by the shackles of the past. If properly channelized youth could lead their country to salvation

In case these youngsters are not properly nurtured they youth might get allured into the dangerous world of drug, underworld, illegal flesh trade to name just a few
These days youngsters try to solace in alcohol, drugs and cigarettes .Parents are too busy with their careers so they compromise there lack of time by money and other materialistic things. This creates a wrong impression that money is everything youngsters today seem to have got too much without any effort

In a country like India youth acquire an even greater significance About 80 % of India population is made up of youth .So India s future rests with these young minds and souls
If these minds are natured India could see the dawn of an Indian era. Rang de basanti a movie which inspired millions ,urged the youth to jump into public life to join active politics, to take it upon themselves to bring about a change, It motivated people to stand up against the evil forces which are trying to take over our great nation
Jessica lal murder case can serve as a great example of youth power. When we turned on the heat even the justice system was forced to take notice and deliver justice.

But with great power comes greater responsibility. Youth must not get carried away by what is shown or said to him he must think for himself, analyze what is being said and then take action and make choices. Youth have Idols but these idols must be chosen carefully Boys like Gandhi, Nehru and Bhagat Singh, but they would rather prefer a raghu ram . Girls like Shabana Azmi and Kiran Bedi, Kalpana Chawla as heroes, but most girls don’t actually want to be like them. They would prefer to be a shooting star rather than a sun .More often than not, the end result is glorified and the hard work required to achieve is glossed over: Youth today want quick fix solutions to everything .they do not want to work hard for money and fame. This impatience and ignorance can be really harmful for the youth .Only with great hard work and dedication can money and fame is achieved. Anyone to choose a short cut looses his way.

To conclude young minds must be set free so that they can achieve their potentials.


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