Blogger Interview # 6 Richa Aggarwal

A socialite of sorts in the blogging world, Richa Aggarwal is famous for her blog

She found the interview process torturing and neverthless she granted an interview to us, for which we are thankful enough. Read on:

1) Your definition of blogging would be:
a platform to explore oneself, vent out the feelings and discovering great people

2) Your favorites :
blog: i cant be mean to any one :D
blogger: ditto
blogging platform (blogger/wordpress/etc) since i havent used any other, I stick with Blogger.

3) Blogging as a medium is often used for venting out ire, grudges, narration of love and heart breaks and sad romantic tales. comment.
People use their blogs to empty their heads and they do it in the form of writing fictionalized realities and ballets and they get feedback as comments. yes that can make them feel better and lighter but at times when people write only to seek sympathy it gets disgusting..

4) Some words about your blog/ blogs.
To me my blog is a channel to express my feelings.

5) A message you got to relay to all the blogger beings and our patrons out here:
keep writing

6) The best source of blogger templates according to you:

7) Any plans or wishes to own a personal website one day?
may be yes, of my own firm :)

8) An ideal blog according to you would be?
which consists of every mood of the blogger.

9) Describe a positive and a negative change blogging brought into your life.
positive, i discovered i could write better than i knew i could.
negative, the blog addiction is bad.

10) How much time has it been for you in the blog world:
almost 2 yrs.


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