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Importance of Reading

Reading is a source of knowledge for some people and for others; it can be a leisure activity. It is important for anyone, from the beginning of life, till a person survives. Today’s world has many options like TV, Internet, multimedia etc. but there are still many people, who still adopt for reading, rather than watching everything visually or pictorially. Though, the passion among youngsters for this activity is descending, still they need to know requirement and necessity of reading and apt this means also to gain knowledge.
It is advisable to indulge in any form of reading you like, at least for half an hour per day. This should be done for the purpose of knowledge, new writing styles and vocabulary. It is observed that children and teenagers who are fond of reading have comparatively higher IQs. They are more imaginative and become more creative in school and college life. It is recommended that parents to encourage them by telling the importance of reading to their children, in the early period of their academics. Reading significantly helps in enhancing vocabulary and reading aloud helps to build a good sense of improving the speaking skills. The children who begin to develop reading habits from an early age are observed to have superior linguistic skills and they understand the range of phonics in a much better way.
Reading assists in encouraging psychological development of people and also stimulates the eye muscles. Reading is an activity, which contains higher levels of concentration and even adds to the conversational skills of an individual. It is actually an indulgence that constantly enhances the acquired knowledge. The habit of reading also helps readers to learn new words, phrases, quotations, which they come across in everyday conversations or even writings. The habit of reading a healthy addiction and adds to the information available on vast topics. It also helps us to stay in-touch with modern writers as well as those who made the writings a time ago and makes the readers aware about the global issues. A persistent reader will have sharp reading and writing skills and also would be more spontaneous and quick


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