PTU - 2009 - Semester - 5 - 6 Merchant Banking and Financial Services

PTU - 2009 - Semeste
Total No. of Questions: 13 Paper ID B0134BBA (BB - 703) (S05) (LE) ( Sem - 5th/ 6th)Merchant Banking and Financial ServicesTime: 03 Hours Maximum Marks: 75Instruction to Candidates:1) Section - A is compulsory.2) Attempt any Nine questions from Section - BSection - A (15*2= 30)Q -1a) Name various services performed by merchant banks in India.b) What is CRISIL?c) Explain the term project appraisal.d) What is project life cycle?e) Define conglomerate merger.f) Explain financial lease.g) Explain the features of hire purchase.h) Name various parties involved in factoring.i) What is recourse financing?j) What is hostile takeover?k) Explain consortium finance.l) What is maximum permissible limit of bank finance.m) Name two major sources of term loans.n) Explain limitations of credit rating.o) What are the various reasons for merger.<<<<<< ...................................................Section - B (9*5= 45)Q-2) Explain the various guidelines for merchant bankers issued by SEBI.Q-3) Discuss credit rating process in detail.Q-4) Explain various functions performed by a credit rating agency.Q-5) What do you mean by hire purchase? Is there any difference between leasing and hire purchase?Q-6) Discuss various functions performed by a factor.Q-7) What are the major guidelines issued by SEBI with regard to venture capital?Q-8) Explain legal and procedural aspects of merger.Q-9) Explain importance of Venture Capital Company.Q-10) Discuss sources of working capital finance.Q-11) Discuss various financial projections considered while appraising a project.Q-12) Explain the role of merchant banking in Indian context.Q-13) Explain limitations of leasing.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>r - 5 - 6 Merchant Banking and Financial Services


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