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Life of teens… a glance..!

Social life is an important part of teen’s schedule and a much needed one. It is a way of teen to develop friendship, reduce stress and work on their identity and self esteem. They tend to involve themselves into the latest fashion and trend that make them hot and happening. Though all those things give a shock to the parents, the music they choose gives a crack in the ceiling and deafen ones ears. I watched a movie some time back which was based on teen’s love and friendship, in that movie it showed the main protagonist fall in love with a girl junior to him and who has just arrived from a foreign country, she is also by chance is the daughter of her mother’s best friend. The movie deals with the way the guy handles his friend when they come to know that he is in love and the way he fights with her girlfriend when she talks to his batch mate whom he doesn’t like. It also shows that how the girl is taught by her friend to handle boys and to be fashionable. Overall the movie gave a glimpse of the teens life of how they keep there room in a mess, how they want to boast in front of their friends and batch mates of been cool and best. Also how they deal love and friendship in their life, the crushes and infatuation being a part of their life. My personal experience with the teen says that they venture themselves into things that are new for them and wants to do experiments with the life which the elder people are scared of. My niece is a teenager, I always she her involved in surfing net, she claims that she is working on some or the other projects of her school and gaining knowledge out of it, may be she does it and may be not, her mother is always after her for not helping in the house chores and other stuff. She is a typical example of the teenage the way they carry themselves at this past of life all they care is about their school, their friends, (laptop and mobile) and nothing else. But still they have maturity enough to worry about their studies and career; it is felt by me that where out thinking power stops there starts so teenage is the best phase of life to enjoy and the worst to be parent of them.


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