PTU - 2009 - Capital Market And Security Analysis

Total Number of Questions: 13
Paper ID - B0133

BBA (BB- 702) (S05) (LE) ( Semester - 5th/ 6th)

Capital Market and Security Analysis

Time: 03 Hours maximum Marks: 75

Instruction to Candidates:
1) Section - A is Compulsory
2) Attempt any Nine Questions from Section - B

Section - A
Q 1) (15 * 2 = 30)

a) Role of Broker
b) Commercial Paper
c) Derivatives
d) Investment Options
e) Underwriter
f) Profit Margin
g) Define Economic Analysis
h) Profitability Ratios
i) Systematic Risk
k) Economic Forecasting
l) What are the important investment instruments in money market in India.
m) Difference between equity and preference shares.
o) Convertible Securities


Section - B ( 9*5 = 45)

Q - 2) Discuss various functions of financial markets in India.
Q - 3) Write a short note on Depository System in India.
Q - 4) Briefly discuss working of NSE in India.
Q - 5) Define Merchant Banker. Discuss in brief various services offered by Merchant Banker.
Q - 6) What are the three stages of stock valuation?
Q - 7) Differentiate between Systematic and Unsystematic Risk?
Q- 8) WHat is the role of SEBI in Capital Markets?
Q - 9) Briefly Discuss Debt Securitisation.
Q - 10) Write a short note on Economic Analysis.
Q-11) What is an industry? Explain the industry life cycle.
Q-12) What are various sources of information in company analysis?
Q-13) What are factors considered in Economic forecasting?



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