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The Blog Named Yeah Whatever

3 Basic things About the blog Yeah Whatever

1)Blog Author - Espera

2)Genre -personal

3) Created - January,2005


3 Reasons why you can read or should read Yeah Whatever

1) The posts are crunchy and crispy in nature.

So we don't have useless exaggerations and only to the point posts

with some good punches sometimes.

2)After analyzing the blog i found a thread of sharp intellect running all over the blog.

Behind this blog is a sharp brain.

3)consistence.The blog is an active one and updated at regular intervals of time.


3 things I didn't like much or disapproved or some improvements I wish would happen.

1)Better presentation of the blog.It looks very dry.

2)Language of the posts.No its not crap or vulgar or bad in any sense but i

somehow Didn't like it.Also the text size is very small.Better attention should have been given to post presentations.A write up needs to be given finishing touches at time.Even if you have written a fabulous post.

3)Again the presentation thing.Wherever the pictures have been used a glow a certain quality has been added to the posts.Wonder why doesn't the author use her such powerful weapon.


3 posts I recommend for all to read.

1)Tibet Who??? [A very interesting and insightful read]

2)Celebrating Gloom [Good attempt at poetry]

3)Puducherry [Nice travel account]

3 Kind of people who will like this blog

1)Youngsters/teenagers/Born in the 90's'


3)Facebook lovers [Too much effect of face book on this blog *Sigh*]


- Tushar Mangl


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