BBA (BB-405) (SO5) (O) (LE) (Sem. -4th )

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BBA (BB-405) (SO5) (O) (LE) (Sem. -4th )

Time:03 Hours Maximum Marks: 75

Instruction to Candidates:

  1. Section – A is Compulsory.
  2. Attempt any Nine questions from Section-B.


    Q1) (15 x 2 = 30)

  1. Functions of Project Management.
  2. Venture Capital.
  3. Project Identification.
  4. Capital Rationing.
  5. Project Report.
  6. Turnkey Projects.
  7. Environment Appraisal.
  8. Project Audit.
  9. Projected Financial Statement.
  10. PERT.
  11. SCBA.
  12. Market Survey.
  13. Risk Analysis.
  14. Project Implementation Schedule.
  15. Flexible Capital Structure.


    (9 x 5 = 45)

    Q2) Define Project Management. What are the steps involved in Project Management?

    Q3) Discuss the various elements of Project Capital costs.

    Q4) How would you prepare the projected financial statements?

    Q5) How would you prepare a detailed Project Report ? Give a suitable example.

    Q6) Discuss various methods of Demand Forecasting.

    Q7) With the help of a suitable example, illustrate Project Appraisal in terms of Technical and Economic dimensions.

    Q8) What is the objective of carrying out market Appraisal

    Q9) Discuss in detail the major compontents of cost of production.

    Q10) What is the need and significance of the preparation of a Project Report?

    Q11) What is Social Cost Benefits Analysis? Describe the objective of SCBA.

    Q12) What do you understand by Project Scheduling? Discuss various types of schedules.

    Q13) What stages are involved in PERT analysis? Explain in detail.

    * * * *


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