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Smoking among Teenagers

Almost one out of five high school children smoke. This is the statistics today according to American Lung Association. The images of rebelling teenagers are not far from wrong. Every day a teenager takes to smoking.

Factors causing teen smoking

There are many factors that influence the teen smoking behavior. Of them the main factors are media pressure, peer pressure and the novelty of experience.

Media advertising has an important effect on teen smoking behavior. Research has been done on the effect of advertising on teen smoking. Companies use this research to push their products by advertising that their role models also smoke.

The euphoria of new experience is always present during teenage days. Teens want to experience something new day in and day out. The new, pleasant, physical experience offered by the cigarettes is almost compelling. Teenagers get hooked to this sensational experience. Slowly but steadily they develop a physiological and physical addiction to the dreaded nicotine.

The other factor peer pressure has the worst influence on teen smoking. During teenager years peer pressure has more influence than parental or family influence.

How parents can prevent teenagers from smoking?

Parents are almost helpless when it comes to stop smoking among teenagers. But do not worry you are not alone. There are many ways by which you can help yourself and your teenager from avoiding smoking.

The first step towards avoidance of smoking is education. A key factor which helps in letting the teenager knows that smoking id injurious. Talking to the teenagers can help them in realizing the dangers of smoking and coming out of the habit easily.
Increasing family time can also help. This way you can make your teenagers more involved in family and diverting their attention from cigarettes. Support from friends and church or religious institutions also help.

Help your teenagers stop smoking better still prevent him from the smoking.


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