BBA - 706 PTU Management of Financial Institutions - 2009

Paper ID B0137 Year: 2009

BBA ( BB - 706) (SO5) SEM: 5th and 6th

Management of Financial Institutions

Time: 03 Hours Maximum Marks : 75

Instructions to Candidates: 1) Section - A is Compulsory.

2) Attempt Nine Questions from Section - B

Section - A ( 15*2 = 30)

Q - 1)

a) Name Four ALL India Development banks.

b) Role of financial Institutions.

c) Explain Risk and Inflation.

d) Give Four Main Functions of RBI.

e) Define the Term Primary Reserve.

f) Mention Two Functions of Money Market.

g) Discuss the Role of Capital market.

h) What is on - line trading Concept?

i) Mention Two Functions of Stock Exchanges.

j) What is the qualification for membership in Stock Exchanges?

k) Define the meaning of Mutual Fund.

l) How Commercial Banks are different from development banks?

m) Discuss the problem of time and cost over - runs.

n) What is meant by Capital Planning?

o) Discuss Two Objectives of UTI.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 5 =" 45)">Q 2) Explain the role of Reserve Bank Of India in Development Control.
Q 3) What are the Major Strengths of Commercial Banks In India?
Q 4) Discuss the role played by the Banks in mobilization of deposits.
Q 5) Explain the lending and borrowing behavior of Financial Institutions.
Q 6) Discuss the Resource pattern of Industrial Finance Corporation of India.
Q 7 ) Explain the role of the ICICI in financing infrastructural sector.
Q 8) Critically Examine the interest rates in the financial system.
Q 9 ) How Financial Planning of financial institutions is done?
Q 10) Explain the history of stock exchanges in India.
Q 11) Mention the Main functions and regulations on trading performed by Stock Exchanges in India.
Q 12) Differentiate between money market and Capital market.
Q 13) Examine the working of mutual funds in India.


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