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Hi All,

Something has been ticking me off these days. The ubiquitous irritant is delivered through the idiot box right into my living room and the only way to avoid it, is probably to switch off the box altogether. Yes, I am talking about ads. The little messages which come in between your favourite shows, the ones that television channels broadcast when you are on the edge of your seat and biting your nails not knowing what will happen next. It makes economic sense for them as ads are the revenue lifeline for them.

Let me get something clear from the start. I don’t have any issues with ads across the board. Most are ok and some are even revolutionary, innovative and way ahead of their time. My sticking point is with the ones that are misleading, stereotypical or just downright disgusting.

Take for example the ‘Pond’s Age Miracle’ ad- the one that shows a husband going out of his way to woo his wife to marry him ‘again’ just because she applied the stupid cream and looks younger. Repulsive isn’t it? Since when did husbands start disliking their spouses just because they have grown older and have a few wrinkles on their face? [At least this is not case in India and hope it remains that way.] The ad also denigrates women who would, I believe, wish to be judged and liked by their content of character and not by their appearance.

The other one is the ‘K factor challenge’ ad which promotes the eating of cereals to lose weight. The problem is the way in which it does it. The mother consumes the ‘magic’ cereal hoping to tone down and fit into that ‘red dress’ upon her daughter’s request. [Just petty at its best, I would say.] Have more ads like this and the time won’t be far away when every kid in the block is going to place unreasonable demands on the physical appearance of his/her mother.

So what do you people think about these ads. What can we do to ensure that young impressionable minds are not influenced by these seemingly naïve ads?


Pranav Kumar V said…
well... we've been there, we discussed that and concluded most of the ads are crap!! there are many more to say... the stupid lifebuoy ads, harpic challenges, etc... you can at best, ignore them...

These days, I'm flipping channels hoping to find the new IDEA ad... saving paper waala... post-ped ya pre-ped :P doesn't make practical sense totally, but atleast an idea is being put through... a great one!! they are the kind that should rule!!

see you when I see you... :D
BK Chowla, said…
Yes we can not complain that ads are on Tv.I agree,the problem is with some of these idiotic ones which you have mentioned.
Answer is to haul them up.
Complaints can be forwarded to the President,
Ad Clu Bombay.
Sandhrust bridge.
Maya said…
yeh the k factor is not right, but i dont think there is anything wrong with the ponds ad... those are normal creative liberties needed to make an ad work

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