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Chatting up with a private blogger #8

For several of us, blogging through the years, blogs become a part of not only our lives, but also a reservoir of our memories and thoughts. Not surprisingly, many bloggers choose to keep their blogs on a private mode. Where only few selected people, are invited to peep into the particular person's life and mind.

I think, this is one of the most positive features on blogger as I have never seen such privacy settings on blogs hosted by other websites. Anyway, coming to the point, I caught up with a friend of mine, who also happens to be a secretive blogger. She very kindly gave away some minutes out of her busy schedule to answer questions for Blog Orangy. Read on:

Tell our readers a bit about yourself:
Nanki Sahota: I'm Nanki
Nanki Sahota: N i have a balanced personality that best defines me

Your favorite website on the internet:
Nanki Sahota: facebook
Nanki Sahota: if it is called a website
Nanki Sahota: coz its a social networking site

Blogging as a medium is often used for venting out ire, grudges, narration of love and heart breaks and sad romantic tales. comment.

Nanki Sahota: it indeed is
Nanki Sahota: i use my own blog for the same purpose
Some words for our readers please:
Nanki Sahota: in life
Nanki Sahota: one needs to be an optimist
Some words about your blog/ blogs.
Nanki Sahota: they are so much a part of me
Nanki Sahota: well
Nanki Sahota: my life story
Nanki Sahota: is my blog
Every blogger has his/her story, what is yours?
Nanki Sahota: my blog has my life history in it
So that was it. Bloggers around me, often get entangled in what is called a writer's block. I am seldom affected by it. For blogging is not just about writing blogs and responding to comments, it is also about discovering new blogs and browsing the ones in our bookmarks list. So when I am not writing here, I am browsing someplace else. And sooner or later some idea kicks in.
One of the most refreshing blogs I have discovered in past days is [M]^2. It has a wonderful ambiance, a very interesting header and plainly one of the best personal blogs I have ever been to. Great work done their by blogger Mindy.

Take care folks!

Happy Blogging!


tamanna said…
nice hai

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