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Naxals versus the state versus human right groups

War has been happening around us for years now and well educated patriot middle class Indians form a majority of those Indians who know little about the naxal issue plaguing our country.

It all happened from naxalbari in West Bengal, as usual with a dash of political rivalry and a means to garner more power. As it happens with most uprisings, the politicians soon lose control over the rebels who now run wild. Same happened here, with naxals donning a new sinister avtar of Maoists. Their sole agenda today is to capture as much power as they can.

All thanks to public of India and republic of India, the Maoists have spread over to almost half of the country and are quite active in Orissa, Chattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh. We Indians, failed to look after our brothers and sisters in less developed parts of the eastern coast (although India is our mother land, that does not mean we have to be nice to our siblings too). Our attitude of, we don't give a damm, or we don't care created a power vacuum which was filled with Maoists. They got ample of support from those poor people and they still keep on growing from strength to strength.

So while Maoists grew richer, the poor tribals got poorer, what did the state do? It relaxed.

And why not? National Security Guards, Commandos of the Army are meant to serve bodyguards to Very very very important people like politicians. Or to remover insurgents from a five star hotel like we saw on 26th November, 2008. Glitz and Glamor, we people prefer. Those people of Chattisgarh can train their own people and form a Salwa Judum. The whole idea of Salwa Judum, backfired and properly criticized. But no one appreciated a good effort done. And should army be called in or not, is a separate debate, a ferocious one, I tell you so let the people die like it happened today on the 17th of May, 2010. A bus full of people dead. Killed.

Here comes the human rights angle. NGOs and several people have openly shown their sympathies with the naxals. They perhaps, to my knowledge and intelligence feel that the people, whose own female cadre have had accused them of raping them are very nice lovely people. So we should sit down with them, and discuss things with them. What my intelligence fails me to tell is what do you talk to people who have murdered several thousand of your people, raped women, have been responsible for loot etc? At times gossips interest me, for I am a writer. Well, over tea I can gossip with them at the most, but what kind of solution can you reach with people who have absolute no morality at all. They are lusting after power. So if any of you, who knows why talks should happen, enlighten me please.

Now comes our political angle. It is very simple. If they will get some votes out of it, they will surely do something for it. Otherwise, sorry. Our country lacks leadership, so naxals are having gala time. To give you an example, our home minister has been criticized on his naxal policy by none other than a fellow party man of his. They don't care much. They even have refused to hang a terrorist who attacked Parliament of India. The temple of our democracy. But then they are the representatives of those people who in most probability don't give a hoot to what happens in those remote, under developed regions.


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