Phobia of online friendship

Let me set the record straight. Online friendships are not good. I say this from my own personal experience. You can never make close friends on the internet. That is my opinion.

I am writing today on what I see as a weird attitude, people have towards online friendships. A person drops in a hello, you don't know that fellow, hence you freak out. I can recall here a number of blogs I have read on how people hate strangers eager to be friends.

I feel this shows how reserved and closed we are becoming day by day. If a stranger says hi, what is the harm in it? Until and unless that particular starts stalking you, why not be friends?
I am one of the those, who embraces friendships with open arms and cautious eyes. I have traveled a lot, solitary and discovered places on my own. On many occasions, I got to meet certain people, or travelers with whom you say a hello or exchange greetings. So to me, making friends on internet or in actual world is the same affair. Appear friendly, but be cautious. Not everyone in this World is a messenger of Satan. Cautious you got to be, for messengers of God are changing sides too often these days.

Also, in comparison to many people on the internet who despise friendships with strangers to the core, at heart I am a reclusive fellow. I don't like mixing with crowds much. Still, I am more comfortable treating people in a friendly fashion.

The only factor where one needs to be strong is, not to get close with your online friends. Maintain and acquaintance level. And that's it. Why go hyper and weird as if a bug bit you off while you were concentrating on TV.
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tamanna said…
ummm...thoughtful...but my personal experience tells me that online friendships are good..."its the minds that click, without any other factors coming in consideration"

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