Are We Actually Ready for Relationships?

Such a vast topic this is, am just going to cover a small aspect of it as for now.

So, I live in a hostel.

And if a girl is on the phone at strange timings, the clear implication: SHE IS COMMITTED!!!

Let alone the possibility that she is talking to some brother of hers in America!

But, its not only limited to this, its just that, the other girls, who aren’t actually committed, feel weird, even though having a boyfriend was something not THAT acceptable till school life.

Result: We just have youngsters falling into relationships, say metaphorically for the reason that their roommate is committed!

Plus, are we actually ready for commitments???

There are some who are going around with the same partner since high school, but there is an out numbering amount of those who just go out, for say, its cool, and is a nice past time!

And, am saying from first hand experience!

For instance, I was just in a conference with a few friends, so a girl is like, you tell your boyfriend’s name, we know everyone else’s here.

I felt a bit weird about the scene.

My best friend told me its okay, because everyone is going around with someone, so its like, pretty normal, to know who is going around with whom.

That’s the problem with us; we take just too many decisions of ours according to others.

Land in college and find it is “in” to have a person by your side all the time, and say yes to the first person who asks you out!!!

Definitely, there are positives, because you have an emotional support, not to neglect that, but just falling in a relation because everyone is, not even knowing if you are mature enough to go through one, is, well, sheer stupidity!!!

I remember, writing on my blog in the initial college days, “if it’s a college rule that every guy and girl should have someone linked with him or her!!!”

And please, don’t call me some gaaon-ki-chorri!!!

Cz I know I’m not, humbly speaking!

Cutting the long story short, I am just putting forward a humble point, that its baseless to fall into relationships, when you aren’t ready for them (a bigger WHEN you’ve just entered into college!!!)

Give yourself sometime, because, surely, the late night phone calls and those mushy talks are tempting enough, but they don’t warn about the emotional pain those “i-give-our-relationship-more-than-you-do” (et al) break-ups cause…

Just, look before you leap!!!


Priya Joyce said…
getting into relationships for the sake of getting into them wun be a correct way bt when love defines the pat relationships r created...

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