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Bhopal Gas Tradegy - A genocide of thousands of people

I think, it is a high time now, India should include in it's Preamble that we are a shameless country.

More than 20,000 people dead. Several maimed for life. And what do we do?
We charter a state plane for the prime accused and send him back home. (Perhaps, this sounds bit dry, as he was not packed lunch for the journey, but then they had little time).
The same accused had a non bailable charges being filed against him.

But we are good Indians. Shameless to the core. Charges were dropped against the other accused (mainly top management of that company) and were easily erased against Mr. Anderson, who logically speaking, as the CEO of the company should take more blame than the rest 8 accused.

That their were earlier leakages as well in the pesticide factory, no one has yet answers to the fact that why did not the state government do anything.

What it did, was get cozy with the Union Carbide. Indeed, top congress honchos, including Madhav Rao Scindia ( A close aide of former PM Rajiv Gandhi) using the guest house of the company and even resources in political meetings.

The soil of Bhopal is still contained of the poisonous gas that killed so many people in the year 1984. How shameless of us, that neither justice was handed out to the people, nor was it intended. Justice was traded. Lives of so many innocent people, children amongst them, simply put at stake by the Congress government in center and the state for I don't know what gains?
What must be bargained for to let someone escape of 20,000 deaths?

I personally believe all this a handiwork of Rajiv Gandhi. He, who could trade India's defense by indulging in the Bofors scam, he could have easily been capable to letting Anderson off.

But anyway, India as I said, is a shameless country. People re-elect parties like Congress, fond of its evils. Perhaps they don't give a damn about people who have to carry the burden of physical handicapping, or loss of life.

Further, we indulge in a bizarre tamasha of those dead. that is what motivated to write the post.
Media, in order to find the truth (supposedly), is asking every possible person, why was Anderson let off? In this they are very effectively themselves trying to shield the name of the then PM. Why is the Indian Media so afraid to ask questions to the congress? Why is it disassociating the congress party from Arjun Singh?

The BJP is coming out well, in this episode. It is taking a sensible approach of not politicizing the issue. The Madhya Pradesh CM, Shivraj Chauhan, spoke well, as he said, that asking various people about the issue would not help. Only one statement by Arjun Singh should end this matter now.

The congress, with all the support it gets from the media is acting funny. Mr. Moiley the law minister said that, it was all the judiciary's fault. Now who would remind the intelligent man, that his party has ruled this country for most of the time. So if the judiciary is incompetent according to him, should not his party take the blame? For not improving it?

Also, what about development of the region? About the people who are still suffering?
No concrete action has ever been taken? I feel, that Arjun Singh and his accomplices in Delhi should also now be tried for genocide. For they are now conspirators as well.

A shame I say, not only on the Indian National Congress but also India, where such acts happen. Where poor are left to die, and rich are appeased to the core.


tamanna said…
i don't have anything else to say...
seems like the root cause is the government, and the first step is to get the right one in power...
pushpendra said…
हमें इंसाफ़ चाहिये (a ghazal on Bhopal Gas tragedy)

जिसने सुना वो सुन के यकायक सिहर गया
इक रात में ही शहर ये लाशों से भर गया

पत्ते बिखर रहे हैं अभी तक जगह-जगह
उस सरफ़िरी हवा का जहाँ तक असर गया

कुछ लोग कह रहे हैं कि मुंसिफ का था कुसूर
मुजरिम हिला के हाथ सरे आम घर गया

इस हादसे का अस्ल गुनहगार कौन है
ये बात सोचने में ज़माना गुजर गया

मुजरिम कहीं भी हो हमें इंसाफ़ चाहिए
इक बार फिर ये आसमाँ नारों से भर गया

by ashok mizaj


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