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Jaago Jagruti, Aur Jagaao!!!

Ummm…I came across Jagruti in 11th standard I guess, it used to be a highly active place then(I mean, I was new to this blogging thing, and imagine, a blog having so many members that no more could be allowed!!!)…now am done with first year of under graduation, and things are…you have to accept a bit (read that in caps lock…if you may) “different”.
My humble point is, after some 227 posts, with “different” views from “different” people covering almost all the possible “different” topics,,, things, are still the “same”. Then why have “people of all faiths stopped initiating and partaking in a fruitful exchange of ideas”???
Are the very same people bored of the same things happening time and again?
The same rapes, the same economy (yes, it did change a little bit you could say, still!), the same government, the same politics, the same injustices, the same human rights thingy…
So much same same na?
But it all didn’t stop happening and affecting “different” people along the way, isn’t it…but then,,, how we get bored of discussing the “same”?
We all have individual opinions, and individual lives we lead, and individual experiences and incidents we come across…
At the very least we can do is put the incident up here, I might read about some harassment incident taking place, and quote it in the next communication skills class, so that the rest of my 89 classmates hear (i hope), and some 50% of thm actually register it in their neuron reserves , some 20% form an opinion (yes, opinions do matter, a GOOD lot), some 5% find out more and transfer the news (statistics have been approximately quoted, considering various factors, please).
And ditto goes for news about some organization like the Nanhi Kali (like i start saving Rs.1800 for funding a girl's whole year's education from my pocket money!), please don’t forget the optimism, we need optimism DESPERATELY (that’s the biggest thing that can save our country at this point of time, besides intelligentsia, that is, my personal opinion, of course).
Probably you are smiling by now, thinking the girl is talking funny things.
Perhaps yes, and I admit, they are wayyy too simple, but then, simple can be substantial( at times, I hope).
Lets talk simple, but talk at the same time.
Lets “JAAGO and JAGAAO”!!!


Tushar Mangl said…
tamanna your answer is in the above mentioned post. Where a member of this blog has put up a song from a film of the nineties...
tamanna said…
i watched the video and liked it, couldn't quite work out th link though:-/
Gayatri Shenoy said…
No matter how many hardships one faces, no matter how much more suffering some go through every day...Hope still endures, Hope makes the world go round.
tamanna said…
Loved what you said:D:D:D:D:D

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