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Goodbye Waka Waka, Goodbye FIFA 2010

Soccer is one of the sports which you can easily state as truly international. The excitement, the thrill is exhilarating. FIFA, the international body that controls soccer, holds a World Cup every 4 years.

The 2010 of the World Cup has recently concluded and three salient features I have noticed are

1) The vuezela's constant bugging sound ( pardon me, South Africans, I can understand your heritage afflictions) which frankly speaking was annoying.
2) Amazing camera work. The angles, the shots were very good.
3) Very sub standard quality refereeing.

I think, the FIFA people should learn something from cricket and that is the concept of the third umpire. Sure, the match shall be slowed down a little, still quality and fair play will be ensured.

Cricket and ICC in turn should also learn something from FIFA. That is, to keep politicians away from the sport. FIFA handles that part well. They even used their platform for promoting awareness against racism, which was kinda cool.

Keerti, a friend remarked "all the gr8 teams & gr8 players were no whr to see.... :-( "

True, almost all the major players disappointed. Spain, that won the World Cup, won almost all it's matches with scores like, 1-0, 2-1, etc etc. Nothing spectacular happened in any of its game, as expected for a world champion.

Concluding this, I think the biggest and largest influence of this year's world cup is the geographical factors.
Europe still reigns over the World Soccer scene but the space of South American countries is under serious threat from their African counterparts.
The players from the African countries showed exemplary talent, and loads of vigor. What they lacked was polishing and finesse.

And not to forget thing of the FIFA 2010, was Shakira lending her voice to the anthem Waka Waka.


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