Guardians of the treasury, looting it down

I never knew, Indian politicians are flown by IAF planes, until one day, I read the news about model code of conduct being imposed by the election commission of India, for purposes of the General elections of 2004. L.K. Advani, the then Deputy Prime Minister was en route to some place in South India, in an IAF plane. The moment he came to know about the news of the election commission, he immediately landed his plane in Pune I think, and sought private arrangements to be made for his trip, for it would be improper to use the IAF plane.

In the midst of loss of civility by Parliamentarians, greedy for money and power, to come across such an anecdote, made quite an impression on me.

Now let's come down to 2010. 6 years down the lane, use of IAF planes has surfaced yet again in news.

Former Prime Minister of India, HD Deve Gowda owes the Indian Air Force around 54 lakhs, sixty one thousand and four hundred, ninety seven rupees.

He has shifted blame to his party, but is ready to pay whenever the courts ask him. The party, Janta Dal has now subsequently split into several smaller parties. The money is due since 1996-1997. Who shall pay, interest on the amount, is a question, answer to which is still evading me.

Former Prime Minister of India, Chandrasekhar owed five crore and ninety one lakh rupees to the IAF, but now that he has passed away, we the poor, third world nation should forget and forgive. He was the PM for approx. an year, still he managed to run up that kind of bill.
“The civil suit against Chandrasekhar in Delhi High Court in 2001 was dismissed on January 24, 2008, on account of his death.” As quoted by one source. Sounds like a good news for Mr. Deve Gowda, now in his late seventies, who seems to be confident of the Delhi High Court, in which his case is still pending on the admission stage. George Fernandez, the Minister for Defense in the Vajpayee government had taken an active initiative on the dues. But now he is sick, ailing and out of power.

Another Prime Minister of India, PV Narsimha Rao, also used IAF for his personal use but the amount has not come out. Seems, like Indian politicians cannot even make this a political issue, for their profession would be thoroughly insulted, and also for fear of similar secrets tumbling out of closets.

A staunch Indira Gandhi loyalist, former Cabinet Minister VC Shukla owes only four lakh and sixty thousands to the IAF.

This is, my dear friends, why it is necessary that we the people of India, should unite
Pay Taxes.
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