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Mining a mess in Karnataka

Any Indian, who is a well informed citizen would know of the mess in which Karnataka is at the moment.
One component of mess is Belgaum. The chief minister of Maharashtra, Ashok Chavan, who owes his political career to a very famous politician of his time, YB Chavan; his father. But apparently the younger Chavan does so well in managing his large state and solving all its problems so quickly that now he wants Belgaum, which is a part of Karnataka. So, an issue has been raised, buses have been broken and not what. If the Congress was so concerned about Belgaum, then why not before they raised the issue? Why today?

Speaking of Congress people. They have ruled Karnataka and Maharashtra both for most of the times of their existence. So when Belgaum was witnessing problems, the legislators of the party were busy in protesting the state government, led by the BJP on a corruption issue.

Since, India is a hugely rich and princely country with enormous wealth and style ingrained in our psychi, the people's representatives also let no expense spared for a stylish protest.
That meant, being locked up in the Vidhan Soudha's most sacred place. The temple where State Democracy is run through the legislature. So we had MLAs in some cool pyjamas, spending night in the Assembly. The super rich public of Karnataka (as it appears), provided through taxes money to the MLAs with which they had super delicious dinner served inside the legislature. Including Non Vegetarian food, because the people of Karnataka have so much food and wealth, and zero poverty, their legislatures deserve a sumptuous meal.

The issue in this case was related to iron ore mining case. The chief minister owes his chair to the iron ore lobby of Karnataka, and is doing his best to resolve the issue.
The governor of Karnataka did the best job in the whole episode.
Trained in the old school of Gandhi family sycophancy, where Governors of State are given Raj Bhawans only to break governments for their masters and keeping them in check, Mr. Bharadwaj, went on a spree, spewing venom over the BJP.

The issue of corruption is only for academic speeches and political banter. The Congress wants CBI to probe the cases so that they can go about on a witch hunt. The BJP, wants the Lok ayukta, to investigate, as he is seen as a hero in Karnataka, and since he will be fair and impartial, he will bring to light, the fact that the illegal mining of iron ore was actually sanctioned by the previous congress governments, who gave away the license against policy which was not in favor of mining at that time.

If Karnataka is to lead as an example where Indian Politics is going, well the future seems too bright to be visible at the moment.


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