BBA - PTU - Introduction to Modern Business

BBA - Semester 1

Introduction to Modern Business Maximum Marks - 75

Time:03 Hours

Instruction to Candidates:
1) Section - A is compulsory.
2) Attempt any Nine questions from Section - B.

Section - A (15*2 = 30)
a) State the nature and benefits of planning.
b) Define Planning and list few types of planning.
c) Define Ownership and Partnership.
d) Define Organization and what are its types?
e) List few principles of organization.
f) What do you understand by responsibility?
g) What are the fundamentals of communication?
h) What are the requirements of staffing?
i) Define Leadership.
j) List few advantages of a committee?
k) What is the role of job enrichment?
l) List at least five different types of Communication.
m) List few characteristics of an effective control system.
n) what are benefits of budgetary control?
o) What are the basic elements of control process?

Section - B (9*5 = 45)
Q-2) Explain the essential features of a good plan.
Q-3) Explain the concept and process of decision making.
Q-4) Discuss centralization and decentralization.
Q-5) Describe formal and informal organization.
Q- 6)What are the various sources of recruitment?
Q- 7) Discuss the requirements for using committees effectively.
Q-8) Explain the Trait Theory and The Situational Theory of Leadership in brief.
Q-9) What do you understand by Motivation and what are the basic human needs placed by Maslow in the ascending order of importance?
Q-10) Discuss some important methods of Communication.
Q-11) What are the various barriers to communication ? Explain in brief.
Q-12) Discuss various non - budgetary control techniques that may be used in business enterprises.
Q-13) Describe the steps in the basic control process.


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