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Is Facebook The New "Social Life"???

Yes, most of us are bored of it, and long gone is the time when "fb" was about those silly never-true-yet-consulted applications, or the ville games.
But, can we afford to deactivate our facebook accounts?
Yes, its a social networking site, though frankly, the need of the "networking site" thingy in the description is decreasing at a significant pace!
Inference: Facebook is our social life!!!
We come to know about deaths, marriages, accidents, meeting, reunions, even college fest's events first through facebook, before the news reaches us through any other source...isn't it...ummm...getting a bit over types?
MOREOVER, we write on each other's walls rather than the contemporary (okay, contemporary for my time,majorly) messaging on the reason that we rely on facebook more, and believe, that a person might or might not check their phone but is bound to check his/her notifications (and it sounds so funny!). Or maybe, since almost always we are coming back here, and its so damn handy types, that we simply convey everything we want to here!
I am popular amongst my classmates for the status messages i put, and frankly, it affects my blogging...when i can get the thoughts out in a status message which almost everyone reads (also), why should i go to my blog for petty things happening every now and then?
(Facebook is a witch people, it'll take away everything from your life, and then disappear one day...heehahaha...okay yes, this WAS a bit paranoid:p)
P.S. I took an off from my college today, and since i got up at about 11.30 a.m, i have spent almost 90% of the time on facebook (SINCE, i had nothing ELSE in particular to do, and facebook is the only "PRESENT-OUT-THERE" option:p), doing particularly nothing , because, to face the facts, there's as such nothing to do on facebook, and started wondering, there's ought to be something else to do in life, in the free times, even when you don't have anything to do, than facebooking!

- Tamanna Kakkar


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