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Entangled Lives - Chapter 29 - #CelebrateBlogging

Hi, guys,
We, the team Potliwale Baba, are writing a fictional story as a part of #CelebrateBlogging – Game of Blogs.
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“Chaila!! This doesn’t make any sense. None of the evidence is strong enough to grill the bastard. I know he’s done it. I have years of experience I know a guilty when I see one. Bloody Virus.” Java was walking up and down in corridor thinking to himself inside MICD Police Station, Andheri (E)
The devil inside spoke again, “Java kaaye kartos tumi.. cheeh. Come on, use the old trick, squeeze the weasel, and scare the rat out of the hole.”
Everyone knew Java only cared about his promotion. He could have been the brilliant investigative officer but corruption in the department and his taste for promotion got him crazy. The humid air of Mumbai has rusted the old iron. But, he was iron nonetheless, he was still strong and won’t give up that easily.
The next day he summoned every prime suspect of this case to his office in MICD PO, Andheri (E).
Next day everyone arrived at the MICD, Dutta family came a lttle early, and they were made to wait outside. Soon Cyrus and Jenny arrived. They all looked at each other in a stone cold silence. Jenny sat next to Tara in the Bench and gave Tara a faint smile. Cyrus went to stand next to the pillar by which Shekhar was leaning. Cyrus offered him a cigarette; Shekhar refused gesturing towards Roohi, who was sitting next to Tara, looking confused. Cyrus understood, he lit one and took a deep drag. At that moment a constable came out of the room and said, “Chaala, Sahab bulaato.” They all followed the constable inside.
They all went inside and stood in a single file in front of a cluttered desk. Behind the desk Java devouring himself to ‘bun-maska and cutting chai’ looking up he said, “Umm, you know what’s the best part about Mumbai?” Without waiting for anyone to answer he answered himself, “Bun-Maska.” He got up from the chair, came in front of the table, sat on it, and kept one leg on the chair in front.
Everyone stood quite looking at Java while Roohi, clutched her father’s hand tight and hid behind Shekhars legs. Java smiled to himself, for he liked people being scared of him.
He continued, “First of all you must all know, that I know everything. So if you still hide or lie about anything you’ll dig your grave deeper.”
He then got up and started to walk around them narrating how he came to this conclusion and pinpointed the killer. He talked about their motive, and Modus Operandi. He also talked about the multiple fingerprints found on the knife, since it was a common kitchen knife it’s quite possible that everyone in the house used it. That way it’s impossible to pinpoint the killer based on that. He said that he even found the fingerprints of Naina and the little Roohi. Roohi looked at him as her name was mentioned.  He said then I found a big chunk of slice missing from the cake in the fridge. Then looked at Roohi and said, “You naughty girl.” Roohi let out a nervous smile and glanced toward her dad.
Java continued, we didn’t see any blood stains as well in anyone of your cloths, now there are two reasons for that, first the knife was never taken off after the stab so the blood didn’t sprayed out. If that happened we would have found blood stains on the wall behind. Second may be the killer was quick enough to clean it off, after all the kitchen and the toilet were adjoining to the room where murder happened.
Java continued, “Well anyway, point is I know who the killer is. And the question is will the killer confess and make it easy for all of us, or do I have to beat it out of the killer?”
He walked behind Cyrus and continued to walk and speak, “See if you confess now you can expect some lenience, I will personally appeal mercy in the court. But, if the killer makes me work it out of him or her, I personally guarantee he or she will be hanged to death.”
Saying that Java came and sat on the table again. Lit his cigar and took a drag, while he was about to get up to say something again Jenny stepped forward and to everyone’s disbelief said, “I did it.”
Everyone present in the room were shocked but the bigger shock came to Java, for two reasons, first he couldn’t believe his luck that he would get a confession so easy and secondly he was expecting Cyrus to break down and come ahead with it.
Before Cyrus could understand what was happening and could recomposed himself out of the shock, Jenny was taken in custody and escorted to another room for necessary paper works.
A constable came back in the room and said “You all can leave now, if needed we’ll call you again. Do not leave the city. You’ll be needed in the court.”
Shekhar, Tara and Roohi left the MICD, relieved yet confused. While Cyrus waited, he had one question.. “WHY?”
What is on your mind

Wish I could see behind the pale disguise

You’ll never be safe in your house of lies

For wretched is thy sacrifice 
~continued here
“Me and my team are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs’ at #CelebrateBlogging with us.”
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