Driving yourself away

What's the deal with driving? As in, why people riding wheels? I was wondering about it today, on a long drive in this stuffy humid weather. I saw around me, so many people enjoying driving. The guy on his yamaha who zipped past me as if he was racing an airplane,  that woman driving the honda city with one hand on the car horn and other on her mobile and so many others. We all know of someone who is crazy about driving cars, bikes and even planes. They just want to ride the thing.
What do we get out of it? Are we looking for a release? Are we trying to find some meaning in the maddening traffic? Or are roaming aimless like our ancestors used to do on chariots and horses sets some order in our random life?

Look around you, how many people close to you would say no to a long drive if time permits? Even if some people don't enjoy driving much, they love being the part of the process, riding pillion to a scooter or a passenger on a train. At times I feel its about a feeling of control, you have the the aeroplane in your hands, the reigns of the horse are in your hands, you can take it left and you can steer it to right, control gives you the thrill. But how can be that true for the passive drivers, who are just out there for fun and contribute just a little to navigation?

It could be yearning for the destination, a pursuit of meaning that bugs us all through our lifetime.  I look around me the rickshaw drivers, the taxi drivers, the guy driving his Audi with a collar in neck, perhaps its that the roads with their vastness of distances, beckon us to run away, run along, run close. Or it could be just sheer boredom and lack of other hobbies.


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