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WordUp! 2015 Gurgaon - The ultimate blogging event

It was raining heavily Saturday morning and I wondered how would I reach Strikers, the venue for the WordUp! even organized by IndiBlogger, BigRock and ,me. But soon, the rain slowed down and I was able to reach the venue which was packed by the time I reached. I was late but just in time to listen to the first main speaker of the day, KV Sridhar a.k.a. Pops. His session was informative and highly intelligent.
This one was followed by a session by Lakshnipathy Bhat on Blogs&Brands: A Love Hate Story.
 Nandita Iyer, a food blogger from Bangalore came up with the session titled -  Blogging and Beyond
Next was Rachit Hirani - Content is King. Rachit is into writing about automobiles and stuff.  Still the rules of content remain same across

After which snacks and a light lunch was served along with beer and juice. This was a time to chat up and meet with blogger acquaintances new and old.

 Next up was Kiran Manral  with Confessions of a Reformed Blogger. The references to Alice in the Wonderland were quite good.

Google's Vishal Shroff - came up with key content consumption trends+monetization.

Arun Nair  had a bullet presentation with 30 pro tips to promote your blog.
Ashish Chopra's session  on Viral Marketing was real fun with all those simple yet delightful videos. He regaled the audience with his experiences, the
 Lakshmipathy Bhat summarzied the session with a wrap up presentation.

Then the winners for the twitter contest were announced and the winners presented with Prize distribution by Big Rock. Even my blogger friend Tarun, won one flipkart voucher.

Thus the event ended with tea, coffee, sandwiches and memories to share. Looking forward to yet another amazing blogging event by the team.


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