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Ramayana - The Game of Life - Stolen Hope - Book 3 - Review

The much anticipated,  3rd book from the Ramayana - The Game of Life series by Shubha Vilas
titled Stolen Hope is now out.

You would have read the review of the first book at

and almost a year ago I penned down the review for the second instalment of the series

Now I am fortunate enough to receive the third book in the series which continues the story of Ramayana. In the first two books we read about the growing up years of Ram and his marriage to Sita. Shortly after announcing his intent to coronate Ram as king, Dashratha is asked by his wife to exile him. This so that her son becomes the ruler of Ayodhya. Ram renounces the Kingdom to follow his step mother's wishes.
 The story continues and this book chiefly focuses on the time Ram Sita and Lakshman spend in the Dandkarnya forest as part of their exile of 14 years. Here they meet sages and listen to the folklore of the sages and rishis who dwell on this land. Also about the demons and the curses bestowed on various people.  What captivates you is the story of these rishis like Agstya, his life and his adventures. The trio are amazed and awed by such stories and feel blessed to meet such holy men. They travel from one place to another, visiting hermitages of sages, ultimately settling down in Panchvati to complete the last years of their exile. It is here they encounter Ravana's sister and the story unfolds.

Shubha Vilas carries on with his impeccable storytelling skills, hooking readers to a fresh and interesting interpretation of Ramayana. He is honest to his characters, bringing them up with a frank and larger than life approach. He ends it with a grand style, setting the reader awaiting for the next part. ( A teaser for next book is also included towards the end.)

Publisher: Jaico
Pages: 312


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