Skill Development Initiatives of the government

One of the biggest achievements of the present day Narendra Modi government would be the way it has dealt with Skill Development. In India, our biggest strength today is our human resource. But we have a a garbage of education system that just can best generate certificates and degrees. For obvious reasons that does not prepare you for a job. It saddens me to see so many young people looking for a job and so many corporations looking for people and things just don't work out because the youth is not up to that challenge of job. Here is where a robust skill development mission is required. And the government by setting up the skill development ministry has shown its good intentions to boost up the sector. People today need to be updated on skills especially as we are staring into a recession. The guy with the right skills will make a better impression on the companies who need quality manpower. Instead of hiring more and more they are now hiring less. So quality here will trump quantity. And more skills we develop in people better it is them. Business cycles move fast these days. Skill you learned 7 years ago might not be relevant today. So you got to keep yourself updated. I think it is a great that the government has stepped in to close the gap between potential employees and employers. 


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