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Sunday Musings

In her autobiography Agatha Christie wrote that she seldom went to one place twice for vacation. Her reasoning as I recall was that you have certain memories and you like the place. When you visit that place again and again it spoils those memories. I agree to that. There are so many places in the World. Why keep visiting one again and again. Keep the memories intact.

But is it always possible? There are so many places which we visit where memories are created, good and bad. Say an old fort in your city. You went with a loved one for a walk (just saying). Would you rather go their again and again or would you rather never go their again so that the memory of the place remains intact? But you can't avoid the town, can you? Like hill stations. You go to a hill station after few years, you will see less trees, more pollution, more people. The memory of the quaint little town with waterfalls is bound to be disrupted forever.

Nostalgia is a tricky thing. Can get you hung over any time, any where. Memories fool us more often we can agree upon. There is a thing about second chances.  Wouldn't you want to give your once favourite restaurant where your break up happened?`Or that place where you had your first date?
Would you go on a date with someone else their?

We get attached to places, often not realizing we are getting attached to them. Think about it. So many places would be there in your life with special meanings. Would you like to revisit them or let them as it is. Would you like to invoke the nostalgia or let the memory preserve in the frames of time.


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