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New Look and Feel for the Blog

Yes, finally I got around to getting a new look and feel for the blog, although some readers think it resembles the old one too much. Also, did I mention that I joined the Instagram bandwagon? Well, it is no Flickr or Picassa but it works okay.  They say, its filters are amazing, I didn't find them as advertised but yes, they made a difference or two to my photos. I can put one here as well. 

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On the reading side, I am going through the Jodi Picoult collection. I have put it off as long as I could, knowing how depressing it could be. But she is a gifted and very astute author.

The other day I was at his famous book store, going through the best sellers, they had lined up near the door. Suddenly this guy enters with a heavy backpack on his back. The guard, in his politest best, asked him to submit it with him, but the guy with an attitude that would throw a romance novel's alpha male to shame, this guy says
" I am from the press" and just like that mentions a name of a popular newspaper and walks through the showroom with his backpack. He had just come window shopping but would not submit his bag because? Well, I was wowed but not surprised and neither was any one else in the book store. 


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