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Why Noel Tata is the best choice to be the next Tata Sons chairman

The bitter fight between Cyrus Mistry and Ratan Tata seems to be getting worse by the day. Mistry refuses to back down and massive egos are at stake. Held hostage in all this drama are millions of stakeholders; shareholders, vendors, employees, investors who don't have much idea about the cost of this ego battle.
Even though various people line up to one camp or another in hopes of scoring brownie points there is no clear end to this fight. Charitable trusts as such should not have any business to poke into business worlds. On the other hand, you cannot just wish away a major shareholder in a billion dollar enterprise. 

In this scenario, the best bet would be to make Noel Tata, currently chief of Trent Ltd, the fashion retail arm of the Tata Group to be next chairman. Half brother of Ratan Tata, Noel is as private as Mistry or Tata. He has done well at Trent, where he has done well and not used the Tata brand to boost his business. The stores which Trent runs are named Westside steering clear from the household family name. He has proven that he can work independently of the infamous name and the group which has not really supported the retail business much. He was briefly considered as a front runner when Cyrus Mistry was made the chairman and he was graceful in the scenario where the younger man got the job. 

That he is a Tata is not only a point in his favor but a big ace in his pocket. After Ratan Tata, it is Noel and his children who will carry forward the Tata bloodline. He is, in fact, perfect to lead Tata Group after this battle for his family name itself. He is the half-brother of Ratan Tata and brother in law of Cyrus Mistry, a unifying factor who can bring some calm, some peace to the ongoing saga. The stakeholders will also be okay to have someone within the group rising up to this challenge.

His attitude in this affair is also commendable. He has refused to take any sides as of now, even though he is close to the group affairs. He has kept a low profile instead of going all macho and gun blazing. Perhaps this is what Tata needs right now. A docile yet time tested and trusted man to take charge of the billion dollar enterprise who has risen on occasions and can inspire confidence from both Tata Trusts and Mistry Family.


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