Why President Trump is an excellent idea for the United States and the World

A new global era has ushered in with President Donald Trump taking over the charge of the World's biggest economy and military. His welcome has been vile, outrageous and absolutely absurd. The media tells us that he is the most unpopular President ever. Perhaps according to them, he is the most unpopular citizen of the country at the moment. 

All this is absurd and mindless of course. He won by a majority. A thorough election process got him through. Those who are protesting at the moment, has even one of them requested an electoral reform in the United States? None. No one in the United States thinks that their electoral process could be flawed. They just don't want Trump around. How is that even possible?

American Presidents off late have been too fond of wars and military fighting, resembling overgrown boys playing with their GI Joe sets. They bloodied the streets of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and possibly everywhere they could. As if Presidency of United States is all about playing Counter Strike kind of games. 

The American public has supported these efforts by neglecting their own industrial growth, infrastructure growth, and educational reforms. So busy they have been in setting the Word right, they can not find anything wrong in their own nation. Now, that Trump has used this knowledge to his advantage, people are not happy. After all, he spent nearly half of what Clinton spent on her campaign. Maybe if he had spent more money on media and other campaigns, he wouldn't be so unpopular. His patriotism thing is nothing new. Each politician over centuries has spoken about protectionism, populism and patriotism to win public support. 

About his reported sexist behavior. This is being raked up the very people who make fun of his wife because she is an immigrant and a former model. According to these people, she cannot be as good as Michelle Obama, incidentally about whom they didn't know anything before she became the first lady. I am confused as to who is endorsing sexism here?

Look at President Obama. Even if he refused to back Republican demand to declare Pakistan a terrorist state, people of Indian origin absolutely loved him for this. They wanted him to give more military grants to Pakistan with a 'no questions asked' tag. 

There are many who speculate whether Trump would be great for India or not? My counter question is, how good was Bush or Obama for India? Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State never did anything special for us. What difference she would have made to us now? 

Let's suppose the media frenzy does get Trump replaced. But then what next? How do we know that the replacement would be any better? He is a representative of not only America but a mindset which needs to be addressed. Not the person.


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