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Writing Goals for 2017

Last year I released two books, Ultimate Guide to Content Writing and The Crumpled Innocence. Apart from Amazon where I generally publish my books, I also had the opportunity to get The Avenging Act on Quillr App a new reading service launched last year. 

Another exciting thing happened last year was my participation in NaNoWriMo, 2016. It was the first time I participated in penning down a full-length novel. Even though I wrote around 60,000 words, subsequent editing has rendered a sharp decrease in the word count. 

Which brings me to writing plans for 2017. I would be releasing Ye Honey Bunch, my next book on 05 Feb 2017. This is the same one, which got me a NaNoWriMo winner certificate. I don't know which book would follow this. I have 2-3 sketches in mind. So many stories need to be told to the World, yet so many to hide from sight. 

I hope to release one more book between August and November. Let's see how that works out. After Ye Honey Bunch I would get busy with the revision of all my previous books. I want to polish them further. Also, I am looking for more publication platforms other than Amazon and Smashwords where most of my works are listed. Once I am done with the revisions I would be ready to roll out print versions of the books currently in e-mode. Only The Avenging Act, The Thakur Boy, and The Reluctant Scribbler are available in print. Also, Six Degrees, where I was one of the several authors.Bringing more books to print will help me further the reach of my stories.  

If I have to strike a calendar I would say, we would start from Feb. YHB comes out in E format on 5th Feb. Slowly I will get the print edition out by March. April to August will see re-introduction of old books in box set formats, print formats and new platforms for e-books.  Hopefully, I will get time to work on a second book to release by end of year.  

As far as this blog is concerned, I will be updating it as regularly as I can. I am also getting a lot of invites for guest posts so some of my writing energy would be spent their as well. 


Rinzu said…
Good luck for all your writing goals, and other resolutions too.

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