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Hey Honey Bunch

Finally, on 05th of  Feb, I released my latest story. Hey, Honey Bunch. Writing any story, short or long takes a tremendous effort and frankly drains a part of you. This is especially true of me. Stories I write are etched inside me. When I write it is like carving a stone. I hardly write 15% of what I actually have in mind.

HHB is set in an urban setting. Lead characters Neelima and Pushkar love each other and like it happens every second of the day, their love story falls short. But Neelima asks for a thing which Pushkar considers his obligation to give her. Although, in fact, he cannot.

Readers can visit this link at Smashwords where I am offering a free copy of the book for a limited time period. Do add a review and let me know what you thought of Hey Honey Bunch.

The book is available in almost all e-reading formats. Very soon I would be coming up with the print version of the book too.

Here is the cover image designed by me. I haven't got any feedback for the story yet, but feedback on the cover is quite motivating. Now readers are asking me to better the cover of my other books.


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