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How Delhi Lifestyle Exhibitions help you find the most exclusive designer stuff in the city

Ever wondered where to find the most exclusive and yet affordable designer stuff in the city?

The answer is "Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibitions" - They are the best platforms to showcase and buy an exclusive collection of products such as garments, accessories, art, beauty and much more - all at an affordable price. They curate the best of the brands and offer discount coupons or vouchers to make shopping light on your budget.

Being the Fashion capital of the country, Delhi NCR hosts over 500+ Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibitions along with trunk shows every year.

How to find about these shows?

Via "Delhi Lifestyle Exhibitions" - a leading information group that provides regular shopping regular and discount vouchers for various Fashion & Lifestyle shows of Delhi/NCR. Join "Delhi Lifestyle Exhibitions" Facebook group and you can also follow it on Instagram to stay updated.

Here is their upcoming event calendar -

March 31st My Best Friend & Me Hyatt Regency, Bikaji Cama Place
April 1st & 2nd India Wedding Fair Leela Ambience, Surajmal Vihar
April 1st Fashion Doze Crowne Plaza, Rohini, North Delhi 
April 1st London Market Oberoi Maidens, Civil Lines
April 1st, 2nd, 3rd Vivaha Ashoka Hotel, Chanakyapuri
April 3rd & 4th Adaah Essex Farms, South Delhi
April 5th Eventique Hyatt Regency, Bikaji Cama Place
April 6th Aheli Crowne Plaza, Rohini, North Delhi 
April 6th London Market Eros Hotel, Nehru Place

As it is always said, Shopping never ends, it is merely suspended !


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