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With Yogi Adityanath at helm, a change of perception in U.P. Governance

Much has been written about Yogi Aditya Nath's rise to the top post as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, many loving the Prime Minister's choice and several criticizing the same. Time will, of course, tell how good the new C.M. does and how good does his PR machinery works. But a change of perception in Uttar Pradesh government is already visible. 

Take the example of Romeo Squads. We all have heard so many politicians and learned wise people telling us how girls should behave and how they are often cause of eve teasing among other stuff. The C.M. has brought in a fresh change to this discourse. With Romeo Squad, no one is talking about what the Juliet is doing. What is she wearing? How is she behaving? The focus is squarely on the Romeos. The implementation may have gone over zealous but it is high time the society accepts that reigning rowdy elements is better than keeping your daughters confined. 

Also changing is the perception of eating beef. Fine, people are unhappy that illegal slaughter houses are being shut down. But an image has been built that it is a religious issue. It is high time, the society and populace of Uttar Pradesh accept that the probability of availability of very low quality and unhygienic meat at illegal slaughterhouses is extremely high. If your favorite kebab wala can't procure meat from a proper slaughterhouse, it is good that you are not eating it. 

A pro-Hinduism effort is looking positive as well. Off late, all over India and especially Uttar Pradesh has become an uncomfortable zones for Hindus. You can be an orthodox Muslim and be rewarded for it. but God forbids you are a devout Hindu and the Media would devour you up. We are being treated badly even though Hindus form a large component of India's population. Yogi Aditya Nath is changing that outlook and here is hoping that he changes a lot more, albeit with a positive vibe.


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