Battling Depression

Journalist Pankti Mehta recently reached out for a story she was working on. It was about depression people face during college life. I shared my experience but then, can you ever explain or elaborate the whole thing?

Here is the link to the article, do read it. History has recorded several great people who have faced severe depressions. The great storyteller, Sydney Sheldon is among one of them. He suffered from depression but he faced it and went on to become one of the greatest novelists of our times.

One thing about depression I shared with Pankti and I will reiterate here as well. Stay loyal to hobbies no matter what. In the lowest points of your life, it is your hobbies that can save you. This is what you love to do. This is what gives you max happiness.

I also would say for all those battling depression or anxiety issues, be open about it. This is not a stigma thing. Discuss it openly. I come across many people who do not speak about this. They feel it portrays a negative image.

Talk about it. Reach out to me, if you want to. But for God's sake, don't bottle up everything inside you.

I would request you all to share your stories about depression in the comment box below and about people who have or are battling depression.


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