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BBQ Factory - Golf Course Road - Gurgaon

Had lunch at the BBQ Factory, a buffet themed restaurant situated at the Central Plaza Mall, Golf Course Road. The buffet is lavish and the service quick. I especially enjoyed the live music which added to the comfortable and relaxing feel this place gives you. The menu is heavily inspired from the Pirates of the Grill but perfectly executed.

I would recommend the drink Detox, which is a cucumber and lemon based mocktail. It's a house specialty and a must try. Works quite well in this weather and with all the food you eat. (Especially all that mutton and fish).

In starters, they served me to fish, chicken, mutton the whole gamut including the vegetarian variety of Cottage Cheese and Potatoes. However, mushrooms were strangely missing from the menu. Tandoori Non-veg momos were like the best I have ever had till date. Grilled pineapple is again my all time favorite at Pirates and at BBQ Factory they do it great.

The concept of barbecue is present at each table where they seat coals and place food on skewers and place it on the top of coals.

For salads, even though chicken salad is my all time favorite, I tried their mutton chaat salad which was fantastic and innovative.

In the main course, I tasted the non-vegetarian dishes wherein the Fish is fantastic. They cook it without egg or cornflour and yet maintain great taste. The chef also prepares an dressing to be served over the fish. Although I am not a big fan of mutton, the rarra mutton was good and so was the chicken. 

If one had to compare the western and Indian desserts, the Indian ones, were way better. Especially the Moong Dal ka Halwa was perfectly cooked. Let me tell you something more. Perhaps due to space layout or space issues, ice cream bucket is not placed with the desserts but at the other corner of the buffet table next to the vegetarian food. So, when you visit the dessert counter don't forget that.

This place is quite good for family and friends gatherings. As you get plenty of food, live music and cheerful staff at your service. Makes for an ideal setting to spend some quality time.

I like this menu concept

The Kiwi Cool is really a cool drink but Detox is way better

Landmark - Near IBIS Hotel and Genpact office
Metro - Rapid metro connectivity from Sikandarpur

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