“More Indian than you think” - Celebrating the Indianess in us

I have always believed that our Indianness is what makes us special. Being an Indian, makes us stand out from the crowd. We might not know this or sometimes act like this but we are and we act in a very Indian way, 

As I write this, I recall several instances where I have encountered success by the virtue of being an Indian. I remember that when I wrote the story of Avenging Act and published it as a book, some people suggested that the characters look too raw and natural. The main male lead was acting way too good. It is almost like a true story and not a work of fiction. But then a reader from Australia who had bought an e-book from Amazon, wrote to me that she loved the characters of the book. She added that she had been to India and my story reminded her of her interactions with Indians and the love she received from them. It also invoked memories of Delhi for her.

Another incident that comes to mind is when I was working baggage inquiries for an airline. A caller calls up to inquire about a bag of her daughter who was staying in Delhi. The mother was calling from Manchester to inquire about her daughter's bag.Whilst trying to trace her daughter's bag, she let on how her daughter was stuck in a hotel without proper winter clothing, even though the temperature was quite low outside.

I advised her that yes, I too was in Delhi and could understand the problem. It took me around forty minutes to trace the bag and persuade various departments to get the bag delivered ASAP. When I relayed the news to the lady, she remarked that the moment I told her that I was in Delhi, she had believed that I would get the problem resolved for her. For according to her, Indians are very courteous and helpful as has been her experience. I thanked her and she thanked me as we ended the call.


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