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Agent Jack's Bidding Bar Sector 29, Gurgaon

Sector 29 market in Gurgaon has seen a flurry of activity recently with the opening of several eateries in the vicinity. But what separates  Jack's Bidding Bar from the rest is an innovative approach the management has come up with. 

So instead of ordering your favorite drink straight off, you can bid for it. The price you pay can be decided by the special bidding platform created by Agent Jack's team.

The drinks were awesome and the bar very well stocked. The service was quick and the staff was eager to help. I met the manager, running the place who is a courteous and warm person and comes from a finance background. He is excited about the whole App and bidding thing which makes the pricing of drinks more interesting for the patrons.

When a person places a bid, interesting messages also come up on the screen. The place has projectors all over the place, to beam live the bids and the messages. It lists all the drinks available, their price and bid price.

AJ's Non-Veg Platter is a recommended try from my end. It has a full variety of non-vegetarian items and goes well with your drink. Nachos is another dish that compliments your drinks well. The chicken pizza is yum and way better than the veg one. (I always say that). The fish here is a must try. Avoid the usual main course stuff here as this is a true blood bar. So go for the right finger foods and if unable to decide, nurse the perfect wheat beer and chip away their famous large papadoms or papads. 

I had eaten similar ones at India on My Plate at Fortune on Sohna Road. You keep munching them, and while they taste great they are hardly fulfilling and very light making them a great eat.


Tried BlueBerry Cheesecake which was okayish, Not bad if Blueberry is your flavor of choice

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