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Meal-O-Drama Rajouri Garden, Delhi

At Najafgarh Road, bang opposite the BK Dutta Market, a new  Bistro has opened doors, with an interesting name - Meal-O-Drama. (I love the way it sounds.)

Pic courtesy - MealODrama

I met Rahul Sawhney, the humble owner of the place, whose family owns automobile dealerships across Delhi NCR. So obviously my next question was about his shift to hospitality. "It's my passion." he beams as he showed me around the place. "I have been around the Delhi party and food scene for long," he continues, "I felt that the places we have are too loud or too dim. I wanted to create a comfortable place where friends and family can sit around and enjoy their food." 

Pic Courtsey - MealODrama

Indeed, this is a first of its kind Modern Bistro in Rajouri Garden with the most beautiful outdoor and the international Vibes.
Pic Courtsey - MealODrama
Pic Courtsey - MealODrama
Pic Courtsey - MealODrama

Veg Starters

If you are at Mealodrama and looking for a great starter go for their veg options. TheFirangi mushroom and Corn salt n pepper were quite good and Mealo Dahi Kebab soft and light. TheMy friends liked the Crispy water chestnut with Thai basil but I didn't find it worth the hype.  The pizza and lasagna are prepared well too, in case you want to take a break from the usual Indian stuff.

Non Veg Starters

You can skip the Chicken 65 and go for their Chicken Wings and Chicken Tikka. The wings have a unique barbecue sauce that is tangy and sweet. The fried fish is crunchy and soft and better than the shrimps or prawns.

Main Course

We had the tried and tested Indian main course with Dal Paneer and Paranthas. It was like eating high quality and very tasty Dhaba style food in posh and comfortable setting.

Desserts - Tried the all time favorite, brownie and vanilla ice cream combo with  Gulab Jamuns. Full marks their. All three were perfect. 

Nearest Metro Station - Rajouri Garden

Meal-O-Drama Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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