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Mother's Day Gift from IGP.Com

We spend a considerable time online and tend to get immersed in digital trends surrounding us. So when I saw everyone getting excited about Mother's Day, I too decided, why not send mom something on the occasion. 

But gifting something to Mom is a tough decision for she has all that she needs. Right? Or not?
A friend suggested IGP.Com a gifting portal which has a host of gifting options for various occasions.

Launched in 2001, IGP is India's leading gifts website.Indian Gifts Portal ( specializes in flowers, cakes, chocolates, personalized products, festival merchandise, kids, home & living and fashion categories

It also ships to multiple locations across the globe including the United States.

I went through the website, unable to zero in on to the perfect gift and browsed through the various categories for an ideal gifting idea. They have multiple categories based on the usual format and also classifications based on occasions like birthdays, mother's day etc. Basically, all the stuff has been neatly laid out and you can zero in on something without much hassle.

That was when I found a great baking set from Treo. I recalled, how mother had talked about baking pies and the need for a perfect dish to set and bake it.

The set contained a Treo baking bowl with lid, a cute looking baking glove with polka dots and a matching mat. The price seemed reasonable and I decided to go for it.

However, the order was delayed by two days. The good part was, I emailed IGP's team and they were quick to respond. I received a follow up from them, ensuring that they have contacted the courier team and the support person also shared courier details.

The personalized messages are cute additions but they made me a ms. which is sad. But the good news is that Mom loved it and is already researching for the pie recipes. I even suggested using this set to make walnut brownies, which are my favorites. Let's see how things cook up, of course, will keep you all updated.


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